v3.2 – Rescheduling & repeating your meetings

Less effort more results

Annoyed by constantly having to invite everyone to your weekly meeting?

With recurring meetings you can plan in once, and let us do the rest!
Once you give a meeting recurrence we will plan and send notifications automatically.

In the following meetings you will be able to see previous actions from prior meetings, this way you can check if everyone did what they were supposed to be doing. We are planning to implement the same later for decisions.

When recurrence is added to a meeting it can be seen with the “Repeat” icon, as shown down below:

When creating a meeting simply select recurrence and set an end date (on this day the meeting will stop repeating itself), like so:

Try it out now by creating a new meeting or updating your current ones!


Made a mistake when creating a meeting, like entering the wrong date, time or title?
Introducing rescheduling, you can now easily edit a meeting by opening it and clicking the edit button.

Simply open the meeting, click on the options button on the top left and click on “Reschedule”, like the following.

Please tell us if you have any ideas for the next update, you can reach us at info@jottie.eu .

May 5, 2019
Team Jottie